How To Quit Smoking – 4 Easy Solutions

If you have ever thought about stopping your smoking habit, you may have discovered a few possible solutions. Some people are able to stop smoking by using an alternative. They may chew nicotine gum, or have tried some form of hypnosis in order to solve the problem. Unfortunately, nicotine is a very addictive drug. It is the main reason that people continue to smoke, despite the potentially hazardous inhaling of carcinogens that can lead to cancer. In this article on how to quit smoking, we will present three possible solutions to help you on the path toward no longer smoking ever again.

Stop Smoking In One Day

Although it has been referenced as stopping smoking “cold turkey”, this is probably one of the more difficult strategies to use when it comes to ending your addiction to nicotine. If you have not been smoking for very long, and you do not smoke that many cigarettes a day, it may be easier for you than a lifelong smoker when using this one-day strategy. The goal is to find some other habit to replace your smoking one. Many people choose to eat jellybeans, chew gum, or distract themselves in other ways. By stopping your smoking habit abruptly, it may be difficult to continue, but it may also lead to ending your smoking habit.

Lower Your Nicotine Intake

Next, one other way to eliminate your smoking habit is to try a different level of nicotine in the cigarette itself. You might have to use a lighter version of the same tobacco product, or switch to a completely different brand. When you do this, you will notice that you have less nicotine, but over time, it may be enough for you. This will allow you to quit smoking if you persist with this pattern of lowering your nicotine intake, inevitably reaching a point where smoking would not be necessary.

Gum And Medications

Many people have found success by chewing nicotine gum, and also using some prescription medications provided by doctors today. There are many brands of nicotine gum to choose from, and there are several different levels of nicotine to choose from. It is also possible to get the nicotine into your system using nicotine patches. Again, the idea is to lower the amount of nicotine that you typically need down to zero by using the different levels of nicotine gum available in stores today.

Electronic Cigarettes

One of the most innovative ways that people have started to win the smoking battle is to use electronic cigarettes. Otherwise known as ecigs which contain eliquid, these electronic devices allow you to inhale nicotine free water vapor, caused by the vaporization of the nicotine fluid within the electronic cigarette. The secondhand smoke is no longer hazardous because it consists of primarily water vapor. Therefore, not only is smoking better for you in the absence of carcinogens, but it also provides you with the nicotine that your body is craving. You can also lower the amount of nicotine in the different types of e-cigarettes. This will also provide you with a strategy for ending your need for nicotine ever again.

By using one of these three strategies, you might be able to quit smoking at some point. When people think about how to quit smoking, they often think their options are limited. But by using nicotine patches, nicotine gum, certain prescription drugs, and electronic cigarettes as an alternative to smoking, it should help you eliminate this addictive habit in no time at all. Electronic cigarettes, by far, lead the way in regard to helping people stop smoking.

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